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Find out how Qobolak’s dedicated and experienced team has supported hundreds of students going to follow their dreams and study abroad.

Over the years, Qobolak have established strong working relationships with over 500 educational institutions and universities around the UK and worldwide. Our team take the time to attend training days and trips offered by our educational partners to ensure that we have extensive knowledge of each institution so we can provide the best knowledge and insights to students.

We keep up to date with any developments and always look to form new partnerships where possible. You can be assured that we provide top quality advice based on the experience we have built up.

Utilising the latest modes of communication, travelling extensively from country to country, making worldwide contacts, cementing partnerships, developing contacts and networks, organising informative seminars, attending meetings with partner institutions in the UK and abroad have launched us to this pinnacle of accomplishment.

  • Preparation of documents
  • Completing admission process
  • Visa application arrangements
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Transport arrangements
  • Continuous support
  • 24 hours emergency contact

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